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Goal Confession

March 11, 2008

After almost 4 weeks of doing very well with my goals- only a few minor slipups- I have to confess, last week I achieved none of my goals- past or current.  Instead, I did everything I could think of to get rid of a headache/ migraine/ weird spacy feeling that I’ve been suffering from for about 2 1/2 weeks.  So, that included drive-thru’s for pop, laying in bed instead of riding my bike.  Cooking and eating dinner at the table- what’s that?  I did do game night at church and I played games with my son and nephew.  So, iI guess I accomplished one goal.  As for the envelope thing, I was never able to get to the bank to get the cash  to fill them last week so that didn’t get done either.  On a good note, my dh told me several times that I really need to keep up with that so it doesn’t fall by the wayside.  I take that as a good sign that he has accepted the system!  On the other hand, he hasn’t accepted it enough to actually go to the bank to get the cash and fill the envelopes!  But, to quote Dave Ramsey, “Baby Steps!”.

So, today was a good day.  No headaches!  I went to the health store yesterday and got something new.  I’m not sure if it’s helping or if my migraine thought it had tormented me long enough.  But, either way, I’ll take it!  Ironicaly, yesterday I finally had enough and scheduled a massage for today.  (my splurge from our tax check)  So, even though my headache was gone, I enjoyed some pampering.  Actually, she put some things back inplace and it wasn’t all relaxing.  But, it was definitely wonderful!

This week, I will do my best to accomplish my previous goals and work on my new ones.  So, here is the list of old and new-

1) Use the envelopes

2) No caffeine (except for when I was suffering from my migrane yesterday)

3) No drive- thru’s (except for migraine)

4) 18 minutes on the bike at least 3 times- usually more

5) Play a game with family

6) Try the yoga DVD I just renewed from the library without even looking at the first week I borrowed it

7) Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day (this seems to be harder than it looks)

Ok.  I’m going to stop there.  Wish me luck!


Weekly Goals

February 26, 2008

Last week was not my best.  2 out of 3 of the people in my house had the flu.  I was the lucky one who didn’t get it.  But, I paid for it by being in bed with a migraine last weekend.  I think that being gone for work the first days of their flu kept it away from me. 

Since nobody wanted to really sit up and eat on a regular basis, the sitting together for meals goal was impossible.  I did work out some, but definitely not as much as the two weeks before.  I might have gotten three days in, but, it’s all such a blur I can’t be sure.  I was doing so well on the caffeine thing.  I couldn’t even remember the last time I had drank a pop.  But, after trying everything else to cure my migraine, it became inevitable that it was the only thing that would get rid of it completely.  So, I went to Burger King and got dinner- including my pop.  I had a great coupon so I really didn’t spend much money for our dinner.  And, for some reason, it sounded really good as I was trying to get over my migraine.  I usually crave things after a migraine.  Anyway, I didn’t go through a drive though during the day at all so, I am pretty happy with myself for that.  It’s still hard to figure out alternatives for lunch sometimes since I’m usually driving around. 

As far as the new budget system goes, we have successfully gotten through a month of the new envelope system.  And, my dh and I are still speaking- usually!  I really do have to give him credit.  I know he is trying and it’s been hard for him to adjust.  But, he is doing really well now.  And, I’m trying to be more patient when the system isn’t followed perfectly.  (I’m still working on that one!)  The good news is that we were able to pay off some bills off and work on our emergency fund.  That’s really good considering it’s my dh’s off season! 

The homeschool goals are on the right track.  So, I’ll just let you read my last entry to get updated on that one.  The one goal I did not even attempt to accomplish was playing a game as a family- or at least my son and me.  Was it because he was sick?  Maybe.  I was exhausted all week since I didn’t get a good nights sleep.  But, there is a family game night at church on Friday.  So, I should do better this week.  I will try to do something else during the week, too.

Here is where I should write my goals for this week.  But, since last week’s accomplishments are questionable, I’m going to stick to those this week before I add something new.

The Power of Color

September 20, 2007

I just told my son to do his vocabulary in green today.  He looked at me like I was crazy.  But, he went and got his colored pencils and is now writing his answers in green, anyway.

At the homeschool conference I went to last spring, I came across a booth that I found fascinating.  I misplaced the info until last week.  So, I never got a chance to try out these theories.  But, here I go with another experiment.  Let me know if you want to play along to.  The more feedback, the better!

Here is the site that discusses the basis of the effect of color on reading, writing, and general well- being. The site also has some tests on it to find out what colors are most comfortable for the viewer.  But, although I found the information interesting, I did not find the site extremely useful since I had no intention to go to a testing center and have my son get colored glasses. 

That became the incentive for me to hunt up my papers from the conference.  I remembered the people from the booth had given me a sheet with a list of colors and their uses.  Then, I would be able to determine the colors needed and go to my favorite place (the office supply store!) and pick up report covers in the colors needed.  So, here is the list I found and the website of the booth that I got it from.  They have a variety of tools for all different learning needs.  And, the prices are extremely reasonable!

Yellow- first color processed by the brain- has ability to improve comprehension up to 70%

Blue or pink- lower blood pressure and respiration- release neurotransmitters in th brain that calm

Red- color of activity- promots ideas more effectively- increases language fluency

Blue- has the potential to increase willingness to read up to 80%- a motivational color

Green- increases recall of rote material 60- 78%

Let me know if you have tried this.  I am curious to see if it will have any significant changes.  They recommend the colored lenses for adhd, dyslexia, headaches, etc. 

A Bad Day!

August 23, 2007

Today was awful!  It started out well.  And then, about 8 am, my eyes started acting funny.  Here it comes, I thought.  And I was right!  By 9, my right hand was numb and I knew I was in for a long day.  I got home as quickly as I could and crawled into bed, knowing that the worst was yet to come. 

Migraines are a terrible thing!  Unless you have them, you really can’t comprehend the horror of knowing one is on the way.  Luckily, if you can call anything about having migraines lucky, I get the aura’s.  I’m insanely exhausted beforehand- this time it was 3 days before the migraine actually hit.  Then, I feel like I’m in a cloud, followed by seeing flashes.  This part drives me crazy.  Even in a dark room or covering my eyes won’t make the flashes go away!  After 5 to 15 minutes that usually subsides.  For awhile, I have some relief.  Then, half of my body has parts that go numb- my hand and arm, sometimes half of my nose or tongue- very strange sounding, I know!  But, imagine how strange it feels!  That’s about it for that warning sign- strangeness- no pain, kind of amusing in an odd way!  I guess it’s the calm before the storm.  After that one leaves, the intense head pain is sure to come on within the hour.  And by then, I’m down for the count.  Moving becomes almost impossible sometimes and I just lay there with a pillow over my head to block out as much light as possible- and pressure on my head helps for some reason.

The frustrating thing is that 3 weeks ago I stopped drinking anything with caffeine and all sweets- except for taking my son and nephews to Cold Stone Creamery for ice cream last Sunday- to try and eliminate these migraines.  And, although they are much better now, I really want them to just go away! 

I’m trying the herbal and aromatherapy approach since all meds I’ve taken have eaten up my stomach.  So, I surround myself with lavender, take feverfew, and found some oral spray at the health store that was supposed to stop one if I was getting one.  Although it probably would have been much worse if I hadn’t taken the spray, I was really hoping for a miracle!  But, since I am here tying now and have been able to roll out of bed since mid afternoon, I guess I’m doing ok!