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Playing Catch Up

September 14, 2007

I realize it has been awhile since I wrote anything.  It seems like this week slipped away before I even knew it!  We are in full swing here.  And, the adjustment period is not quite over.

I am glad I gradually added subjects.  In fact, there are a few things I am still adding.  But, I’m not sure when we will fit it all in!  There is such a fine line between having enough for him to do so that he is not bored during the day and overloading him.  I am afraid of crossing the line on either side.  Too little work would mean coming hom to a messy house and him goofing off.  Too much work would mean a lot of frustration for both of us.

If he finishs today at somewhere near a decent time, we are going to a local coffee/ ice cream place to go over our goals for the year.  I wanted to get my getting organized project finished before we did this.  But, since I still am missing a couple of books and am not sure when I will have them, I figure I might as well do what we can. 

I really hope he gets done because ice cream sounds really good! 

We had our first field trip for the year last Saturday and our second will be Sunday.  Last Saturday, we went to a University exhibit of a military collector.  The main focus was on uniforms from many different countries.  It was a collection donated by my husband’s uncle.  So, it was interesting to get some of the stories along with the items being displayed.   Sunday, we are going to a Celtic festival.  We have been before, but it has been awhile.  They have music, bagpipers, dancing, Scottish games, and, of course, men in kilts!  It’s a great way to learn about culture- to spend a day surrounded by it!  It looks like there is no rain in sight and I hope it stays that way.

It’s time to tackle algebra for the day.  Wish me luck!


Family Times- The Musical!

September 5, 2007

dcp02906.jpgAct 1- Fun, Food, and Games with My Family

Scene 1- setting- our good old Toyota corolla traveling 1 ½ hours to my parents for a Labor Day weekend celebration

And… Action!

My husband decided I should drive Saturday.  This is great for me since I would much rather drive than ride.  He has this strange need to drive really fast and then slow down only when absolutely necessary (meaning we are within an inch of the car in front of us!).  So, we piled in after several trips to get things we forgot, checking to make sure the door was really locked, and making sure all of the animals were in their designated places.

The other benefit of driving is that I become the DJ.  Usually, I have to sit quietly and suffer through annoying music that just drives me crazy!  This time, he was sprawled out in the backseat armed with his laptop playing Settlers of Caton.  It’s a great game that we used to play a lot as a family and now he plays on the computer at any spare moment.  So, with the lovely sound effects in the back seat, I was still able to hear my station.  I flipped it to an all 80’s weekend station.  Those were the days- big hair, great music!  So, I drove down the highway singing to my old favorites.  The only other sound was the frequent whines from the back seat- “It’s hot back here!  Are you sure the air is on?”  “Yes!”

Scene 2- setting- my parent’s house

We got to my parents and it was eerily quiet.  Oh- the kids were napping!  That explains it!  (Just kidding, YFS)  Soon, dinner was ready and we all sat down to a yummy chicken dinner with corn on the cob, topped off with brownies and ice cream for desert.  But, before we ate, my nieces sang grace, a very solemn thanks for food.  It is the sweetest music of the day! 

After dinner, it was time for fun and games!  We played phase 10.  Well, most of it anyway.  OK, half.  Actually, we should probably call it phase 5 because it takes us so long we rarely get beyond phase 5! 

And here’s where the music really kicks in.  Now, I must say it usually happens more with my husband’s side of the family.  But, this day we were all in rare form.  There were renditions of Way Down Upon the Swanee River, I want to Be a Pirate, I Say a Little Prayer For You, We Are the Champions, and several others that have slipped my mind.  The thing is that we didn’t start out singing.  We weren’t even talking about music.  We were just talking and suddenly someone would break into song.  It was just like the good old musicals where they would sing at the drop of a hat.  The only difference was that there was no dancing involved.  That would have made us have to leave the table and pause our game!  Not a chance at that until absolutely necessary due to starving kids!

And cut!


So, maybe you had to be there to experience the performance live.  But, it was very amusing how everything turned into another song.  And the variety of music- from old to new, including children’s songs- was another interesting plot twist to the day.  So, stay tuned until next time- Act 2 entitled “1st Annual Labor Day Bocce Tournament”!

A Bad Day!

August 23, 2007

Today was awful!  It started out well.  And then, about 8 am, my eyes started acting funny.  Here it comes, I thought.  And I was right!  By 9, my right hand was numb and I knew I was in for a long day.  I got home as quickly as I could and crawled into bed, knowing that the worst was yet to come. 

Migraines are a terrible thing!  Unless you have them, you really can’t comprehend the horror of knowing one is on the way.  Luckily, if you can call anything about having migraines lucky, I get the aura’s.  I’m insanely exhausted beforehand- this time it was 3 days before the migraine actually hit.  Then, I feel like I’m in a cloud, followed by seeing flashes.  This part drives me crazy.  Even in a dark room or covering my eyes won’t make the flashes go away!  After 5 to 15 minutes that usually subsides.  For awhile, I have some relief.  Then, half of my body has parts that go numb- my hand and arm, sometimes half of my nose or tongue- very strange sounding, I know!  But, imagine how strange it feels!  That’s about it for that warning sign- strangeness- no pain, kind of amusing in an odd way!  I guess it’s the calm before the storm.  After that one leaves, the intense head pain is sure to come on within the hour.  And by then, I’m down for the count.  Moving becomes almost impossible sometimes and I just lay there with a pillow over my head to block out as much light as possible- and pressure on my head helps for some reason.

The frustrating thing is that 3 weeks ago I stopped drinking anything with caffeine and all sweets- except for taking my son and nephews to Cold Stone Creamery for ice cream last Sunday- to try and eliminate these migraines.  And, although they are much better now, I really want them to just go away! 

I’m trying the herbal and aromatherapy approach since all meds I’ve taken have eaten up my stomach.  So, I surround myself with lavender, take feverfew, and found some oral spray at the health store that was supposed to stop one if I was getting one.  Although it probably would have been much worse if I hadn’t taken the spray, I was really hoping for a miracle!  But, since I am here tying now and have been able to roll out of bed since mid afternoon, I guess I’m doing ok!

Cold Stone Creamery

July 12, 2007

Sign up for the birthday club at Cold Stone Creamery.  What is better than free ice cream?