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Chore Lottery

October 15, 2007

This weekend, my son and I had a great discussion about school, chores, and life in general.  One thing that i a constant battle in our hous is getting chores done.  Being an only child, I am sure he probably has more chores than some.  But, there is nothing out of the ordinary on his list of things to do.  Since my husband and I work and he is home, we expect things to be done when we get home.  Usually, this is not the case.  (So, why we continue to expect it, I don’t know!)

Anyway, he is the type of person that needs a list in order to remember things.  This is just a fact.  But, ysterday he told me he doesn’t like having a list for his chores.  So, where does that leave us?  Then, I had a lightbulb moment.  No, really, I think if you were there you would have seen a lightbulb over my head! 

We put all of his chors on seperate pieces of paper and then put them in a box.  He was actually excited about this and designed each paper with different types of writing and pictures.  Then, he offered the box from his mp3 player which has several compartments. 

So, now, in the morning he has to draw a chore and go do it.  Then when he’s done, he puts it in the finished compartment and draws another one.  This way, he knows what he has to do, but doesn’t have to look at a list.  Plus, it’s different everyday- which he seems to like.

How did it work on day 1?  Well, nothing in life is perfect.  But, his attitude is great and most of the things were done.  The rest are in the process of getting done.  The other change is that I am trying not to stress that it wasn’t done- just encouraing him to get it done in a positive way.  I figure if I stay positive, he is more likely to stay positive, as well.  (Which makes for a much more enjoyable evening!)


The Power of Color

September 20, 2007

I just told my son to do his vocabulary in green today.  He looked at me like I was crazy.  But, he went and got his colored pencils and is now writing his answers in green, anyway.

At the homeschool conference I went to last spring, I came across a booth that I found fascinating.  I misplaced the info until last week.  So, I never got a chance to try out these theories.  But, here I go with another experiment.  Let me know if you want to play along to.  The more feedback, the better!

Here is the site that discusses the basis of the effect of color on reading, writing, and general well- being. The site also has some tests on it to find out what colors are most comfortable for the viewer.  But, although I found the information interesting, I did not find the site extremely useful since I had no intention to go to a testing center and have my son get colored glasses. 

That became the incentive for me to hunt up my papers from the conference.  I remembered the people from the booth had given me a sheet with a list of colors and their uses.  Then, I would be able to determine the colors needed and go to my favorite place (the office supply store!) and pick up report covers in the colors needed.  So, here is the list I found and the website of the booth that I got it from.  They have a variety of tools for all different learning needs.  And, the prices are extremely reasonable!

Yellow- first color processed by the brain- has ability to improve comprehension up to 70%

Blue or pink- lower blood pressure and respiration- release neurotransmitters in th brain that calm

Red- color of activity- promots ideas more effectively- increases language fluency

Blue- has the potential to increase willingness to read up to 80%- a motivational color

Green- increases recall of rote material 60- 78%

Let me know if you have tried this.  I am curious to see if it will have any significant changes.  They recommend the colored lenses for adhd, dyslexia, headaches, etc. 

Flax Oil Links

September 1, 2007
ADHD Links

Here are some links to sites about flax oil and adhd info. I don’t usually trust the sites that are selling the items as much as health sites. But, some of them have some info anyway.

Part 2 and the Update

August 31, 2007
Flax Part 2

My son started taking 3 flax oil pills every morning. Before he had started, he had gotten grounded until he could go 5 days without attitude and accomplishing all of his school work and chores. After the first week, he had not accomplished this. Then he started the flax oil.

2 weeks after he consistently had taken it, I asked him if he thought it was helping. He told me no. “Really?” I asked. “You have gotten all of your work done on time and without argument for 2 weeks straight!” This was definitely a first! “Well, I guess it did help”, he responded. He was then very proud of himself. For that, I am grateful- the look on his face and the sense of knowing he had accomplished something.

After that, he started the next school week. But, because of family visiting and spring break for friends, we have not had much school. He hasn’t been taking it consistently. But, next week the real world is back. And, so is the flax oil!

Does it really work? This is the only proof I have. Does it matter to me if it’s the flax oil or the thought that it works? No! As long as he thinks he can, and the flax oil is healthy anyway, I am going to continue giving it to him.

I should also include that he started taking valerian root at night to help him relax and fall asleep better. It’s sometimes hard for someone with adhd to turn their brain off and fall asleep. It would be scary for me to actually give a 13 year old sleeping pills. But, this is an herbal remedy and much safer. I could tell he slept better. He didn’t have such a hard time getting out of bed in the morning. He wasn’t such a grumpy bear!

Flash back to the present!

I have gone back and forth between letting him decide if he wants to take the flax and forcing him to take it for my own sanity!  Right now, I’m in the forcing for my own sanity path.  Not that he really objects.  But, sometimes I think he would purposely forget just because he doesn’t feel like taking it that day.  Today was one of those days.  And, I definitely knew it!

He can be much more argumentative and grumpy when he doesn’t take it.  Now, I’ve never heard of that being part of the benefits- having a good attitude.  So, the only thing I have come to figure out is that when his brain is going so fast and he can’t focus well or remember things, he gets so frustrated that he gets edgy.  That makes some sense, doesn’t it?  And, with the start of a new school year, I don’t need any added frustrations- for him or me! 

So, is flax oil a miracle cure?  Maybe not for everyone.  But, it is for us!  If it makes our home a better environment to learn i

Omega’s- Miracle Cure? Part 1

August 31, 2007

(Here is an old post from an old blog site I used to have combined with an update.  Sorry for the repeat if you have read it before.  But, I think the info is so important that it’s worth reposting to get it out to all of the people I can.  If it has worked this well for me, it might help someone else.  And, I can’t tell the update as well without starting at the beginning.  So, bear with me for such a long post!)

A few weeks ago- as I’m sure most parents have been at one time or another- I was at my wit’s end. My son is a wonderful kid. I am very blessed. But, he also has his moments.

One of the main reasons we decided to homeschool him was the fact that he has ADHD. Although it’s pretty minor compared to some, it definitely affects the way he learns and the way he deals with life. Before taking him out of school, I did a great deal of research in ADHD. I went online and found several helpful forums and websites. I also read some really great books. (this is where I should post the links, but I can’t remember the names of them- only the one forum which was – or something like that) I have never liked taking medicine of any kind. Although I know my son has to take it for his asthma, I definitely didn’t want him taking it for his adhd. So, I researched other ways to help him learn to deal with it. Also, I looked into foods to help him and foods we should avoid. Strangely enough, I found eggs in the morning really did help him. This was great until I learned he couldn’t tolerate dairy because of stomach issues!

So, while on the adhdnews forum, I came across several posts on omega’s. Curious, I looked them up. It seemed they were all positive. The omega’s had already been proven to help with heart health, so what could it hurt? I started putting flax oil in his breakfast. He didn’t know. And, although he was still in school so I couldn’t see a dramatic difference since he was gone, it did seem he had less trouble in school when he was taking it. After awhile, I told him about it. He took it willingly for awhile and then decided he didn’t want to take it anymore. By that time we were homeschooling and it didn’t seem to be as much of an issue since the learning was so different.

But, a few weeks ago, things changed. He had been complaining that his brain was going overwhelmingly fast. It was driving him crazy. And, for awhile, he had been driving me crazy because he was not getting anything done- and having a bad attitude! So, I asked him if he wanted to try the flax oil again. We were in the car and I told him if he wanted to, we would stop and get it right then. He gave me an emphatic “Yes!” So, we stopped at the health store- you can actually get it anywhere and would probably be much cheaper other places but I wanted some questions answered too.

This post is getting too long. Stay tuned for the results.