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New York

July 28, 2007

Last weekend was great!  I can’t believe another weekend is here again!  This one won’t be as fun!  I have so much to catch up on since I was gone for a few days!  But, it was all worth it. 

One great thing about this weekend is that everyone is home again.  My son came home from camp and so the 3 of us are enjoying some time together.  That is, after he came home from work this morning and before I go to work this afternoon!  Unfortunately, most of our quality time will be spent cleaning and doing laundry!

I had such a great time in New York that I don’t know where to start!  Everyone was doing great, as you can see in the pics from my last post.  I went to a silly party while I was there.  The kids all got to play in a pool filled with flour and then rinse off in a pool of water.  How cool is that when you are under the age of 5?  Here’s a picture of flour filled fun!


I had my first ever pedicure.  That could be addicting.  I had never been really excited about the idea- until I actually had the chance to get one this weekend.  My cousin and I have decided our husbands/boyfriends should pay for our pedicures every time we get to visit each other.  What a great relaxing ritual!  Of course, after my pedicure I had to go buy some new shoes to show off my toes!  I’ll spare adding a picture of my toes to this blog!

I loved spending time with Jonas!  He is getting so much older.  One of his favorite things to do is look at books.  So, of course, I had a chance to read to him.  And, I figured he might as well learn something.  So, I had just come across a book my cousin had gotten called “How to Be an Italian”.  It was very cheesy!  Here we are learning all about Italians.  Of course, I had to make up the words to most of the book because evidently not many things about being Italian are fit for a 3 year old.  Here we are reading the book and learning how to wear a hat mafia style.



I guess I have procrastinated cleaning long enough! 


Trip to New York

July 28, 2007


Jonas is a great big brother!  I can’t believe how big he’s getting!


I love when they are so snuggly!


Escher loved his bathtime!

More pics later!

What Have They Done With My Son?

July 18, 2007

My son got home late Friday night from a work camp mission trip with our church.  Before he left, we were having some serious attitude problem, arguing, etc.  I know, it’s typical teenager stuff.  But, I didn’t find it acceptable! 

Anyway, to make a long story short, I am wondering where my son went and if I really get to keep the replacement they sent me!  He hasn’t argued once!  When I ask him to do something, he says ok.  But wait, there’s more!  After he says ok, he actually goes and does it!  And it’s quite obvious that he is trying his hardest to get his chores done and have them done right when I get home.  What a joy this week has been for me!

As a cruel parent, I was overjoyed on Monday to give him a reward.  So, I let him clean the toilet!  He got the baking soda and vinegar out and off he went.  He was not as amused as I had hoped.  But, as far as toilet cleaning goes, I would rate it the most amusing!

YFS- this is for you!

July 17, 2007


Once in awhile I glance at yahoo’s list of top 10 web searches for the day.  I was amazed to see that #2 for today was Scott Baio!  I didn’t know he was still famous.  But, thanks to reality tv, it looks like he’s making his comeback in a new show.


Viewers Will Get An Inside Look At The Life Of Scott Baio As He Hires A Life Coach And Embarks On A Soul Searching Journey In The Name Of Love & Commitment

Series Premieres Sunday, July 15 At 10:30 PM*

Santa Monica, CA, May 29, 2007 – Over the past 25 years, Scott Baio has lived a life that all red-blooded American males’ would sell their big screen TV, car and soul for, a jaw-dropping roster of sexy ex-girlfriends that would even make Warren Beatty jealous. This extensive line-up of Hollywood honeys includes: Heather Locklear, Pamela Anderson, Denise Richards and Nicolette Sheridan among many others.

At 45, Scott finds himself in the midst of a mid-life crisis wondering why he’s still single and unable to settle down even with his current girlfriend Renee, a woman he loves and who is perfect in his eyes. It’s time for Scott to confront his commitment phobias or settle into the life of a bachelor who is forever searching for the perfect “unobtainable” woman.

With nowhere else to turn, Scott has decided to fully surrender the next eight weeks of his life for some exhaustive introspection with the highly-regarded life-coach, Dr. Alison Arnold, otherwise known as “Doc Ali.” Doc Ali will guide him on a grueling, soul-searching mission; forcing him to confront a laundry list of old flames in order to hopefully get to the heart of his lonely heart condition. To get to the core of his problem, Scott will be forced to revisit ex-girlfriends, take a vow of celibacy and take a break from his current girlfriend Renee while he goes on his soul-searching journey.

Here’s the link to his website.  (I know my favorite sister already knows it since she was so in love with him!)

Making Toilet Cleaning Fun?!

July 12, 2007

Here’s something I found amusing on my sister’s blog.  It’s a link to a site that talks about everything not found in the instruction manual for kids.  People must write in tips and ideas and I thnk some things are pulled from other sites.  So, here is the link, as well as the most amusing way I have every heard of to clean a toilet.  (In case you were all wondering how I was planning on cleaning my toilet next time!)

Fun toilet cleaning? Use baking soda and vinegar!

Proving once again that a Parenthacker can make anything interesting, Beth came up with some toilet-cleaning entertainment:

Not quite a super trendy hack, but something I thought was pretty fun even for adults! I was researching some more earth friendly cleaning products and I came up with this……use baking soda and vinegar to clean your toilets.I tried it and it was so much fun! Sprinkle the baking soda in and then pour in the vinegar. It’s bubbles all over instantly. Not frothing out of the bowl by any means but it was cool. I would think that the kids could get in on this (with supervision) by sprinkling in the baking soda and maybe pouring in the vinegar. You still have to use the brush to get all the hard to reach places, but it’s a great alternative to using the blue stuff!! AND it’s not toxic so it helps your household stay a little more earth friendly and safer for the kids too!The cool part of it too is if you pour a little more vinegar in it bubbles again…a couple times! I used a half bottle of vinegar, oops! I guess you’d have to portion it out for the kids.

Cold Stone Creamery

July 12, 2007

Sign up for the birthday club at Cold Stone Creamery.  What is better than free ice cream?

Driving Survey

July 12, 2007

I heard a story today on a study done on driving. The survey had asked whether men and women drove one-handed or with both hands. Their results said most women drive with both hands and men with one hand. I listened as I was driving with one hand on the wheel. i just got off the phone with my husband who usually drives with either both hands or his knee (knee driving was probably not one of the survey options)

The reason, so they say, is that women consider the car to be separate from them and men consider the car to be a part of them. Who gets paid to think this stuff up? I wonder how much money went into this study? Whoever it was, is overpaid! For one thing, I don’t think it really matters. But, for another thing, they were 100% wrong, according to my survey of 2! And, men aren’t always the brightest bulbs in the box, but, come on! Do you mean to tell me that guys actually think they are a part of the car? Someone has seen the Transformer movie a few too many times!
So, to make my survey more accurate, I’m creating my own survey. Please respond in my comments.
1) What body part, and how many of them, do you drive with?
2) Have you ever considered a vehicle to be an additional body part?
(If yes, how many times did you see the Transformers movie?)
(If no, go to next question)
3) Do you really care how many body parts you, or others are driving with?
4) How much money do you think I should earn by creating this survey?
Thank you for your time!