Weekly Goals

Last week was not my best.  2 out of 3 of the people in my house had the flu.  I was the lucky one who didn’t get it.  But, I paid for it by being in bed with a migraine last weekend.  I think that being gone for work the first days of their flu kept it away from me. 

Since nobody wanted to really sit up and eat on a regular basis, the sitting together for meals goal was impossible.  I did work out some, but definitely not as much as the two weeks before.  I might have gotten three days in, but, it’s all such a blur I can’t be sure.  I was doing so well on the caffeine thing.  I couldn’t even remember the last time I had drank a pop.  But, after trying everything else to cure my migraine, it became inevitable that it was the only thing that would get rid of it completely.  So, I went to Burger King and got dinner- including my pop.  I had a great coupon so I really didn’t spend much money for our dinner.  And, for some reason, it sounded really good as I was trying to get over my migraine.  I usually crave things after a migraine.  Anyway, I didn’t go through a drive though during the day at all so, I am pretty happy with myself for that.  It’s still hard to figure out alternatives for lunch sometimes since I’m usually driving around. 

As far as the new budget system goes, we have successfully gotten through a month of the new envelope system.  And, my dh and I are still speaking- usually!  I really do have to give him credit.  I know he is trying and it’s been hard for him to adjust.  But, he is doing really well now.  And, I’m trying to be more patient when the system isn’t followed perfectly.  (I’m still working on that one!)  The good news is that we were able to pay off some bills off and work on our emergency fund.  That’s really good considering it’s my dh’s off season! 

The homeschool goals are on the right track.  So, I’ll just let you read my last entry to get updated on that one.  The one goal I did not even attempt to accomplish was playing a game as a family- or at least my son and me.  Was it because he was sick?  Maybe.  I was exhausted all week since I didn’t get a good nights sleep.  But, there is a family game night at church on Friday.  So, I should do better this week.  I will try to do something else during the week, too.

Here is where I should write my goals for this week.  But, since last week’s accomplishments are questionable, I’m going to stick to those this week before I add something new.

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4 Comments on “Weekly Goals”

  1. rowdyrodi Says:

    I had to laugh when I saw you drink POP. I grew up in Nebraska and always called it POP. I got married at age 20 and haven’t called it POP since. We have lived on the coast (both East and West) and overseas and I have since converted to a SODA drinker. LOL I called it pop the other night and my daughter JJ looked at me funny and said “What is pop?” ROFL I had no clue she had never heard me say that before.

    As for goals and schedules….uggh. The hubs and I are trying to become more schedule oriented for Bubba’s sake as we are quite sure he has ADD. We have not yet seen the Dr. but we have answered TONS of surveys and they all say that that is what we are dealing with. He seems to do so much better in school when I have the day VERY structured. Now I am putting together a binder with each day’s work in it and the schedule for the months of Feb and March are posted on the bulletin board so he knows exactly how long he has to spend on each subject weather he finishes the lesson or not.

    My goal for tonight is to make one started sponge for my yummy dutch oven bread.

  2. Graffiti Says:

    Sounds like things are going well for you.
    Home schooling must not be all that easy but I am sure the children benefit from it.

    Someone told me that you like David Hasselhoff, is that true?


  3. YFS Says:

    Hey! Congrats on making it through the month with envelopes! Our month was pretty-much shot due to everyone taking turns being sick- like doctors and hospitals and lots of prescription meds sick. But, there’s nothing to say that we can’t hop back on the wagon we fell off of. I’m proud to say that I still managed to lose some weight this month, depsite dealing with all of the stress and sick kids. Budget-wise, was not so good… a lot more eating out/ drive-thru and lots of prescriptions plus over a week of missed work for DH took/ will take a toll. But, a nice fat tax return saves the day! As soon as I get back on even ground, I think I’ll follow your lead and start making some weekly goals. As far as your goals for the week, I think you did pretty well, considering. You’ve got to give yourself some wiggle room and exceptions (and family illness and migraines definitely count). You still worked out some, so good for you! Gotta go write on my blog now… I’ve been sorely negletful with everything going on here. LYLAS!

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