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Chore Lottery Gone Bankrupt

October 29, 2007

As much as I loved the idea- as proud I was that we developed this intricate plan, the chore lottery has declared bankruptcy.  While the concept seemed simple enough, it didn’t change the effect on our routine.  Instead of asking him about the list, I was asking him about the chore lottery- and finding out it wasn’t done.  So, after giving it a few weeks of trial time, I’ve decided it’s time to try something else. 

Saturday, while looking online with my sister, we came across an interesting site.  It’s calld chore wars.  I’m just about to sign up, but the system was overloaded so I have to wait.  It seems to be in the begining stages so I’m expecting to find a few glitches.  The basic concept is that every member of the household signs up and as chores are done they log them in for points.  I think there is some game playing involved whn they log a chore, but I’m not too sure.

Has anyone else tried this?  I’ll let you know how it goes here.  Eventually something is bound to work- or eventually my son will get marrried and it’ll be somone else’s problem to get him to do his chores!  Anyway, here’s the link-


7 Habits

October 16, 2007

One of my ideas this weekend was to start a new class for Rafael.  Actually, for both of us.  So, Monday we began our study of the 7 Habits of Highly Effective Families.  I think this will be a great time of learning and bonding for both of us.  I’m really excited about it.  In an attempt to improve on the outside as well as the inside, we will be watching a webcast, listening to an audiobook, and discussing things while I ride the bike and he walks on the treadmill.

Since this is an experiment and I will be continuing to figure it out as I go along, I’ve decided to take you along on the journey with us.  So, beginning today, I’ll be sharing the class plan and our experiences with you.  I would love to hear your thoughts and experiences, too!

Monday: My son created his mission statement.  I am going to do this again at the end of the study.  I’m curious to see if it will be the same or different.  I will do the same myself.

Here’s the link if you want to follow along.

Tuesday: We listened to the beginning of the webcast found here- 

Then go to this one- “March 2007 – The 7 Habits with Todd Davis and Gary Richins”

We listened to the first 10 minutes or so.  They talked about the program and 2 key terms.

1) Effectiveness- “Getting the results you want today in a way that allows you to get them over and over in the future.”  Doing something that will make a difference not only right now, but also in the future.  I used the example of getting him to do his chores.  I could yell at him to do something right now.  But, it probably wouldn’t get him to do his chores 2 weeks from now.  But, hopefully, by developing a plan that we both agree on see chore lotto below) hopefully, we have an effective way of getting chores done.

2) Paradigms- “The way we see, understand, and interpret our world.”  I used the example of the movie Crash.  Depending on the age of the child, this may or may not be a good movie for them to see.  I was lucky to have a cousin who had the edited version that was acceptable for him to watch awhile back.  So, he had seen enough of it to understand that paradigms are basically, our perception of the way people or things are based on our culture and experiences. 

We ended there.  I thought that was enough for day 1.  It is bringing up some interesting conversation.

Chore Lottery

October 15, 2007

This weekend, my son and I had a great discussion about school, chores, and life in general.  One thing that i a constant battle in our hous is getting chores done.  Being an only child, I am sure he probably has more chores than some.  But, there is nothing out of the ordinary on his list of things to do.  Since my husband and I work and he is home, we expect things to be done when we get home.  Usually, this is not the case.  (So, why we continue to expect it, I don’t know!)

Anyway, he is the type of person that needs a list in order to remember things.  This is just a fact.  But, ysterday he told me he doesn’t like having a list for his chores.  So, where does that leave us?  Then, I had a lightbulb moment.  No, really, I think if you were there you would have seen a lightbulb over my head! 

We put all of his chors on seperate pieces of paper and then put them in a box.  He was actually excited about this and designed each paper with different types of writing and pictures.  Then, he offered the box from his mp3 player which has several compartments. 

So, now, in the morning he has to draw a chore and go do it.  Then when he’s done, he puts it in the finished compartment and draws another one.  This way, he knows what he has to do, but doesn’t have to look at a list.  Plus, it’s different everyday- which he seems to like.

How did it work on day 1?  Well, nothing in life is perfect.  But, his attitude is great and most of the things were done.  The rest are in the process of getting done.  The other change is that I am trying not to stress that it wasn’t done- just encouraing him to get it done in a positive way.  I figure if I stay positive, he is more likely to stay positive, as well.  (Which makes for a much more enjoyable evening!)

Where, Oh Where, Did My Weekend Go?

October 7, 2007

After a frustrating day Friday, I realized I had no choice but to work Saturday.  This was a bitter sweet discovery.  My other option was to have my garage sale I had started planning for at th beginning of the summer.  Obviously, it was not high on my list since it’s now October.  But, I really was hoping to get rid of the things cluttering up the school room/ guest room before they would make a permanent home there for the winter.  So, now I must admit my husband was probably right when he said I would never really have the sale- only gather things for it!  Sad, but true!

I worked all day Saturday because my orders didn’t arrive Friday when  I have people there to put them up.  So, guess who the lucky one who got to put the order up was?  You are so smart!

When I got home, I joined the rest of my family in not feeling very well and become a bum- laying down watching tv until bedtime.  Actually, I think my son was ok when he was doing fun things.  His illness only came on when it was time do do things around the house- or school stuff.  Hmmmm.

Today, my husband seemed even worse.  He has a temp and hasn’t really gotten out of bed.  So, besides being a nurse for him and trying to motivate my son to get some things accomplished- between his bouts with being “sick”, it’s been a real fun time around here! 

With everyone very low key today, I probably could have gotten alot accomplished without much interruption.  Instead, I was proud of myself for doing the dishes, aa load of laundry, and vacuuming!  Ys, that about covers my list of accomplishments!  What I really would have like to accomplish was a nap!  I guess we all were a little out of it this weekend.  Hopefully, next weekend will come quickly and we can try again for a fun weekend! 

Carnival of Homeschooling

September 5, 2007

A visitor to my blog led me to a new discovery- blog carnivals.  I had never heard of these before a few weeks ago.  And, then last week I joined the carnival. 

For those of you who are like me and hadn’t heard of them, here’s the deal.  Blog carnivals exist for many different subjects and interests.  Bloggers submit a link for thier post to a host blog site.  Then, on the opening day of the carnival, a list of the blog links and a description of their post is published.  This is a great way to find some great blogs and not spend a million hours surfing aimlessly online.   Sometimes they have a particular theme and sometimes they are about homeschooling in general.  The homeschool carnival seems to be traveling to different sites every week- which is another reason to call it a carnival since it’s constantly moving around.  The next one will be here-

I have not checked out this weeks yet.  That’s next on my agenda for the evening.  (Who needs dinner?  Fasting is good for you, isn’t it?)  But here is the link-

Here is the link to information on the homeschool carnival blog for anyone interested in submitting something-

I will be trying to keep up with this and post the link on the right side of my blog under “This week’s Carnival”.  Of course, you should not be surprised if once in awhile it falls below the top of my list now that school is back in session.  But, I will be putting an honest effort into it!

Now, on to the next item of things to do- otherwise known as “Let’s see, what else can I do to procrastinate doing house work, laundry, or cooking tonight!

What Have They Done With My Son?

July 18, 2007

My son got home late Friday night from a work camp mission trip with our church.  Before he left, we were having some serious attitude problem, arguing, etc.  I know, it’s typical teenager stuff.  But, I didn’t find it acceptable! 

Anyway, to make a long story short, I am wondering where my son went and if I really get to keep the replacement they sent me!  He hasn’t argued once!  When I ask him to do something, he says ok.  But wait, there’s more!  After he says ok, he actually goes and does it!  And it’s quite obvious that he is trying his hardest to get his chores done and have them done right when I get home.  What a joy this week has been for me!

As a cruel parent, I was overjoyed on Monday to give him a reward.  So, I let him clean the toilet!  He got the baking soda and vinegar out and off he went.  He was not as amused as I had hoped.  But, as far as toilet cleaning goes, I would rate it the most amusing!