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Autumn Goodies- Treats Without Tricks

October 29, 2007

With fall comes the change in temperature, the changing of the leaves, and Halloween.  With Halloween only a few days away, here are some fun ideas for some sweet treats!

My favorite Halloween treat is a yummy cake made to look like a pumpkin.  It’s really easy and really does look like a pumpkin.  All you need is a bundt cake pan, two yellow cake mixes, and white frosting mixed with orange food coloring.  Make both cake mixes in the bundt pan.  After they cool, put the flat sides of both cakes together using some frosting to hold them in place.  Then, frost with your orange frosting.  You can frost using a knife or spatula in an upward motion to make the lines on the pumpkin.  Use whatever candies you would like to decorate the face of the pumpkin.  Some ideas I’ve used are candy corn, gumdrops, or chocolate kisses. 

For an extra fun time, before putting the two cakes together, put in a few surprises- spider rings, toy skeletons, etc.  Your family and friends will love it- after they realize they aren’t real!

Looking for something a little more healthy?  This is a great time for making apple crisp.  There are some really good mixes that make it really easy.  Calhoun Bend Apple Cinnamon Mix is great.  calhoun

Just slice up the apples, put them in your baking dish, and follow the mix directions.  In a few minutes, you have a yummy apple crisp.  I’ve even had it made in the microwave and it still tasted really good!

Be sure to check all candy before your kids dive into thier treasures.  If you think anything looks suspicious or anything is unwrapped, get rid of it.  The other good thing about making sure you check the candy first is that then you get to grab all the good stuff!  Do you really want them to have all of that?  You’re really just helping them out.