pet naturals of vermont

I’m angry.  I’m bitter.  I don’t understand why she had to die.  And, I know what caused her to die.  It was obvious. 

We had 2 choices.  We could have done a toxicollogy autopsy or we could have a simple autopsy.  We chose the simple autopsy since the other one would take $1000’s and would have been a long trip to a University several hours away.  And, so, we took her to our vet.

The result came shortly.  She died of gas bloating her stomach and rupturing her spleen.  The vet said she could not determine since we chose not to have the toxicollogy autopsy done.  But, she had seen this happen due to rat poison or some other type of poison.  Her heart and lungs were healthy.  She was a healthy dog- 75 lbs of muscle.  The only thing she had ingested was the Pet Naturals of Vermont vitamin.  Therefore, I’ll let you come to your own conclusion-  toxicollogy autopsy or not!  I don’t use cleaners unless they are non toxic natural cleaners.  So, there was no possible way for her to ingest or even be around any other toxin.

Of course the Pet Natural people think they are in the clear since we chose the simple autopsy.  They don’t really care that they could be poisoning other animals.  They only cared about what we were going to do and once they found out we weren’t going to get the autopsy to give us the toxicollogy report they could care less about our Belle. 

And so, Belle died unneccesarily.  And, the obvious killers could care less if others suffer the same fate.

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3 Comments on “pet naturals of vermont”

  1. Annabel Says:

    That just sucks. I can’t believe they don’t want to find out. I mean, yes I can. Ugh. Have you found anything else online, i.e. story of someone else losing a pet the same way?

  2. Heather Says:

    I’m so sorry, Jenn. It really sucks.

  3. Just thank you for the post, it is apreciate reading it

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