The Truth, the WHOLE Truth, and Nothing But the Truth

Here is an e-mail my dh wrote.  I thought it was worth repeating as I, too am frustrated with the “dirty politics” rather than getting all the facts right.  I want the whole story- the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Recently I have received allot of e-mails about the presidential candidates. Specifically about Barack  Obama. I usually don’t involve myself with discussions about politics or religion because I find it personal but as of late I’ve found that I just need to say something.

     I am a supporter of Barack Obama and I’ve not hidden that. I am entitled to that opinion as much as anyone else. All the candidates have good and bad qualities. That’s why we have debates and campaigns and elections so that an individual can quite frankly choose the lesser of two evils.
     Recently I have received more than one e-mail about this jet thing. 5 so far. So I did some research and found that yes indeed Barack Obama did remove a flag symbol from his jet. What none of the e-mails included was that the flag was a company logo and not really the American flag. Yes it looked like the American flag but it was cut off and didn’t show the whole flag and like I said it was the logo of the North Americans Airline company. Apparently it’s common for a candidate to use a jet to commute from place to place during a campaign. It’s also common for the candidate to retrofit the jet with their personal logo’s. Bob Dole, George W., John Kerry and yes McCain did this as well. Obama did retain the American flag next to the registration number.
     My point is that the e-mails just reported that he took the flag off the plane and what a horrible person he was. They didn’t include the whole story. That’s what upset me. I believe in the right to free speech and if there is a horrible truth about Barack Obama then I will listen to it. To any truth about any of the candidates. But lets just make sure that it’s the truth. If someone want’s to change my opinion about my choice then I welcome a debate or discussion but when I find out someone is just giving me part of the story so as to make me think the way they do then it just makes me believe in my choice even more.
     Who ever wins this election will be the person I inevitably stand behind and support because he will then be our commander and chief. Also, as someone pointed out recently, the president is one man and it takes more than one man to change laws and enact polices. The president answers to someone too and congress has a say in laws and policies. I can guarantee that if Obama wins that in four years people who supported him in the beginning will be complaining about him. The same can be said about McCain and anyone else. That’s just the way it is and the way it always has been. Nobody is perfect.
     Like I said, I don’t typically write e-mails like this so thank you for reading and putting up with my tirade. I’d also like to give you all the link for snopes. It has truth about all the candidates on it. I read it today and found some things about Obama I didn’t like. I was glad to be informed.
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  1. Free Speech Says:

    This ‘telephone’ has too many shortcomings to be seriously considered as a means of communication. The device is inherently of no value to us.AnonymousAnonymous, Western Union internal memo, 1876

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