Just so you don’t think it was a fluke, here I am again!  I’ll make this short and sweet since it’s late and I should be sleeping.  Also because I really have nothing to say!

Thanks to those of you who didn’t give up on me and commented on my last blog!  It’s nice to see I wasn’t forgotten!

I went to another funeral today.  That makes 3.  Later this week or next will probably be #4.  It’s the reverse of the movie.  For me, it’s 4 funerals and a wedding.  (I like the movie better)  I found out my husband’s cousin’s daughter is engaged. 

I promise the next entry will have something intelligent or humerous (I won’t promise both in the same blog) to say.  but, I’m too tired for either at this point.  I just wanted to keep up my momentum.

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