Goal Update

     Here’s a quick update on last week’s goals for those of you who have told me you are holding me accountable.  I was pretty good at the dinner at the table thing.  4 nights last week, we ate at the table.  That exceeded my at least 3 daysgoal.  On the other hand, excercising 3 days out of the week was not so successful.  I finally got motivated Friday and Saturday, but only got 2 days in.  So, I am still working on it this week.  If at first you don’t succeed, try, try, again.

     So, here are this weeks goals-

1) Eat dinner together at least 3 days (I would have made it higher but I was out of town for 2 days so that would not work out)

2) Exercise at least 3 times a week (1 down- I rode my bike when I got home from my trip tonight)

3) No caffeine

4) New this week! No drive-thru’s!  I have been stopping for a quick meal during work way too often lately.  So, wish me luck!

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One Comment on “Goal Update”

  1. yfs Says:

    Congrats/ good luck on your goals. My goals and week have been shot to hell by sickness. Reminds me of your old days with your son’s asthma and my old days of newborn feeding schedules- trips to the ER and dr’s- up every few hours for neb treatments- finishing a treatment only to realize that you’ve got to start the whole thing over in another 40 minutes, hour and a half, etc. Now, we’re down to neb treatments every 3 hrs until our re-check on Friday. Sorry to hijack… just venting. Really, I’m proud of you for accomplishing the eating at the dinner table thing. I always thought, of course when I have a family, we’ll eat at the table- without TV/ computer/ etc. on. What’s so hard about that? Then, we have a family… and different work schedules… and meetings… and choir practices… and a bzillion other things that make the eating-at-the-table-as-a-family thing increasingly difficult, including a DH that didn’t grow up eating at the table and doesn’t feel an overwhelming need to start. So, I really admire that you’re doing that in this day and age. Of course, riding your bike in the snow and cold takes a special kind of person- and I do mean “special” 😉 I think the no-caffeine thing is a good step too. I always feel better when I don’t have it and I’m not creating a vicious “I’m tired, need caffeine, consume caffeine, can’t sleep, stay up late, wake up tired and need more caffeine” cycle. And, we’ve been hitting the drive thru’s a bit lately too. Not too bad. I’ve resisted several times lately when I’ve been tempted- really tempted, so I’m proud of myself for that. Still, I shouldn’t hit them at all. Maybe I’ll work on that when we’re all feeling better. So, since this rambling isn’t really going anywhere (can you tell I’m running on 4 hrs. of sleep and had caffeine at supper tonight?), I’m going to stop rambling and just say:
    Good job on the goals you met. And on the ones you didn’t, good job too… you made progress toward them. “Improvement is improvement!” I always say.

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