Chore Lottery Gone Bankrupt

As much as I loved the idea- as proud I was that we developed this intricate plan, the chore lottery has declared bankruptcy.  While the concept seemed simple enough, it didn’t change the effect on our routine.  Instead of asking him about the list, I was asking him about the chore lottery- and finding out it wasn’t done.  So, after giving it a few weeks of trial time, I’ve decided it’s time to try something else. 

Saturday, while looking online with my sister, we came across an interesting site.  It’s calld chore wars.  I’m just about to sign up, but the system was overloaded so I have to wait.  It seems to be in the begining stages so I’m expecting to find a few glitches.  The basic concept is that every member of the household signs up and as chores are done they log them in for points.  I think there is some game playing involved whn they log a chore, but I’m not too sure.

Has anyone else tried this?  I’ll let you know how it goes here.  Eventually something is bound to work- or eventually my son will get marrried and it’ll be somone else’s problem to get him to do his chores!  Anyway, here’s the link-

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One Comment on “Chore Lottery Gone Bankrupt”

  1. rowdyrodi Says:

    Let me know how it goes. My solution this weekend was to take 10 bags of “trash” to the dump. The kids had to come with me as hubs is still away. It was theraputic for me and very distrubing to them. I then held the remote control hostage and told them NO TV until the dump-all closet was C L E A N. They got the remote back this morning. I was sort of amazed. You should have seen my rampage just before I brought out the garbage bags. I would not have been surprised to see men with a white jacket in my size knocking on my door *grin*

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