12 Powerful Words

My sister told me about this.  I thought it was interesting.  Even if you homeschool and choose not to test, this is useful information.  Eventually, SAT’s and ACT’s come around and this is a simple thing to help the test taking process.  My son hates taking tests- even when he knows the info backwards and forwards, he forgets it all whn he hears the word test.  So, I am all for any way I can help ease his fears!

Larry Bell’s 12 Powerful WordsThe 12 Powerful words that trip up students on standardized tests.
Increase your test scores. Learn these words and what they mean.

 The 12 Powerful Words
1. Trace           List in steps
2. Analyze        Break apart
3. Infer             Read between the lines
4. Evaluate       Judge
5. Formulate    Create
6. Describe      Tell all about
7. Support       Back up with details
8. Explain        Tell how
9. Summarize   Give me the short version
10. Compare   All the ways they are alike
11. Contrast    All the ways they are different
12. Predict      What will happen next
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