Where, Oh Where, Did My Weekend Go?

After a frustrating day Friday, I realized I had no choice but to work Saturday.  This was a bitter sweet discovery.  My other option was to have my garage sale I had started planning for at th beginning of the summer.  Obviously, it was not high on my list since it’s now October.  But, I really was hoping to get rid of the things cluttering up the school room/ guest room before they would make a permanent home there for the winter.  So, now I must admit my husband was probably right when he said I would never really have the sale- only gather things for it!  Sad, but true!

I worked all day Saturday because my orders didn’t arrive Friday when  I have people there to put them up.  So, guess who the lucky one who got to put the order up was?  You are so smart!

When I got home, I joined the rest of my family in not feeling very well and become a bum- laying down watching tv until bedtime.  Actually, I think my son was ok when he was doing fun things.  His illness only came on when it was time do do things around the house- or school stuff.  Hmmmm.

Today, my husband seemed even worse.  He has a temp and hasn’t really gotten out of bed.  So, besides being a nurse for him and trying to motivate my son to get some things accomplished- between his bouts with being “sick”, it’s been a real fun time around here! 

With everyone very low key today, I probably could have gotten alot accomplished without much interruption.  Instead, I was proud of myself for doing the dishes, aa load of laundry, and vacuuming!  Ys, that about covers my list of accomplishments!  What I really would have like to accomplish was a nap!  I guess we all were a little out of it this weekend.  Hopefully, next weekend will come quickly and we can try again for a fun weekend! 

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