Conversation With a 3 Year Old


Last week while we were on vacation, we went to my parents to celebrate my dad’s birthday (Happy birthday dad!).  My sister and her family were there, as well as my grandma.

Near the end of our visit, I had a very interesting conversation with my nephew- who is 3 going on 30.  It went like this.

Nephew- You’re going to die soon.

Me- Really?  I hope not.

Nephew- Not real soon.  But someday.  Then you can see Lou.  You were best friends.  (Lou was the man I wrote about a few weeks ago who I was very close to and passed away at 97)

Me- Yes, you’re right- someday.

Nephew- When you die, you’re going to be an angel!

Me- Really?

Nephew- Yes.

Me- You are an angel!

Nephew- No I’m not.  I don’t have any wings.

Me- No, I guess not- or a halo.

Nephew- No- I don’t have a halo either.

That was about it.  The simplicity of a child’s mind is amazing!  Sometimes, I think they really do have everything figured out until everyone and everything around them messes it all up!  In his own sweet way, he was trying to cheer me up because he knew I had been really sad about Lou’s passing.  And, for a 3 year old to have a concept of death and heaven and seeing our loved ones, I think that’s pretty wise for a 3 year old.  So, once I realized he wasn’t predicting my death, the conversation was pretty sweet!

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