Civil War Unit Study

I found this post at the homeschool carnival.  We are studying the civil war right now and this looks like a great resource.

Also, here are a few ideas we are using.   My son just finished a book called Captured!  A Boy Trapped in the Civil War, by Mary Blair Immel.  It’s about a 14 year old boy who was caught and help prisoner in a Civil War Camp.  I liked the idea of having him rear something about someone his age in order to make it seem more real to him. 

The other thing we are doing is watching the mini series North and South.  I am way ahead of him because I have become addicted to it!  It started out as something for us to do together- which is a great idea.  But, I just kept watchng it after he went to bed because I had to know what was happening.  But, we are still watching it together.  I’m just watching it twice!  I actually wanted to watch it a little ahead so that I could make sure it was all appropriate for him.  Even though it was on tv, that doesn’t mean a whole lot these days.  What I like about the series is that it highlights the terrible things the war did to families and friends on both sides- dividing families and friendships because they were on opposing sides.  This is something I hadn’t thought a whole lot about before.  Also, it gives both aspects of the war, rather than viewing it only from the North or South perspective.

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