Playing Catch Up

I realize it has been awhile since I wrote anything.  It seems like this week slipped away before I even knew it!  We are in full swing here.  And, the adjustment period is not quite over.

I am glad I gradually added subjects.  In fact, there are a few things I am still adding.  But, I’m not sure when we will fit it all in!  There is such a fine line between having enough for him to do so that he is not bored during the day and overloading him.  I am afraid of crossing the line on either side.  Too little work would mean coming hom to a messy house and him goofing off.  Too much work would mean a lot of frustration for both of us.

If he finishs today at somewhere near a decent time, we are going to a local coffee/ ice cream place to go over our goals for the year.  I wanted to get my getting organized project finished before we did this.  But, since I still am missing a couple of books and am not sure when I will have them, I figure I might as well do what we can. 

I really hope he gets done because ice cream sounds really good! 

We had our first field trip for the year last Saturday and our second will be Sunday.  Last Saturday, we went to a University exhibit of a military collector.  The main focus was on uniforms from many different countries.  It was a collection donated by my husband’s uncle.  So, it was interesting to get some of the stories along with the items being displayed.   Sunday, we are going to a Celtic festival.  We have been before, but it has been awhile.  They have music, bagpipers, dancing, Scottish games, and, of course, men in kilts!  It’s a great way to learn about culture- to spend a day surrounded by it!  It looks like there is no rain in sight and I hope it stays that way.

It’s time to tackle algebra for the day.  Wish me luck!

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