US History

     I have been searching for some ways to make history more hands- on.  My son really gets into history if it’s something that attracts his attention.  So, here are the plans I have so far. 

     I am using the History of Us curriculum.  It makes history more interesting than just a textbook.  I also like that the chapters are very short and therefore don’t seem overwhelming.  But, I haven’t gotten the teacher’s edition and there are no questions in the student edition.  So, I have to come up with the things I want him to focus on and remember- and cool ways to help him do that.

     The first thing I found out was that PBS has created a series using some of these books as a base.  They have a website that has the webisodes and other fun things, as well as quizes for each segment.

     The next idea I had was to have him create a timeline bordering his schoolroom.  Instead of just writing dates and events, I decided he would much rather use his artistic ability.   So, he puts the date and then a picture to help him remember the event.  The room is not huge so I have him use half of a sheet per year. 

     Then, of course, I will be using movies to show different events, time periods, culture, etc.  I had heard of someone who showed movies about an event in history and then had the student write about the discrepencies between the movie and the actual facts.  While this is an interesting concept and would undoubtedly be quite educational, I am not sure whether I will incorporate that into my plan. 

     So, I am hoping this will keep him interested in history enough to retain what he is learning.  I would love to hear your ideas, comments, feedback. 


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One Comment on “US History”

  1. Katie (kitten) Says:

    Have you thought of usinf Clay to make landscapes. He could do this while you do read alouds. I also do coloring sheets from the web. My kids are 14, 12, & 10, but this keeps them from getting bored and they listen better. We also dd posters for each unit or a shadow box. This helps them retain what we have learned.
    Good luck! I have enjoyed your blog.

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