Family Times- The Musical!

dcp02906.jpgAct 1- Fun, Food, and Games with My Family

Scene 1- setting- our good old Toyota corolla traveling 1 ½ hours to my parents for a Labor Day weekend celebration

And… Action!

My husband decided I should drive Saturday.  This is great for me since I would much rather drive than ride.  He has this strange need to drive really fast and then slow down only when absolutely necessary (meaning we are within an inch of the car in front of us!).  So, we piled in after several trips to get things we forgot, checking to make sure the door was really locked, and making sure all of the animals were in their designated places.

The other benefit of driving is that I become the DJ.  Usually, I have to sit quietly and suffer through annoying music that just drives me crazy!  This time, he was sprawled out in the backseat armed with his laptop playing Settlers of Caton.  It’s a great game that we used to play a lot as a family and now he plays on the computer at any spare moment.  So, with the lovely sound effects in the back seat, I was still able to hear my station.  I flipped it to an all 80’s weekend station.  Those were the days- big hair, great music!  So, I drove down the highway singing to my old favorites.  The only other sound was the frequent whines from the back seat- “It’s hot back here!  Are you sure the air is on?”  “Yes!”

Scene 2- setting- my parent’s house

We got to my parents and it was eerily quiet.  Oh- the kids were napping!  That explains it!  (Just kidding, YFS)  Soon, dinner was ready and we all sat down to a yummy chicken dinner with corn on the cob, topped off with brownies and ice cream for desert.  But, before we ate, my nieces sang grace, a very solemn thanks for food.  It is the sweetest music of the day! 

After dinner, it was time for fun and games!  We played phase 10.  Well, most of it anyway.  OK, half.  Actually, we should probably call it phase 5 because it takes us so long we rarely get beyond phase 5! 

And here’s where the music really kicks in.  Now, I must say it usually happens more with my husband’s side of the family.  But, this day we were all in rare form.  There were renditions of Way Down Upon the Swanee River, I want to Be a Pirate, I Say a Little Prayer For You, We Are the Champions, and several others that have slipped my mind.  The thing is that we didn’t start out singing.  We weren’t even talking about music.  We were just talking and suddenly someone would break into song.  It was just like the good old musicals where they would sing at the drop of a hat.  The only difference was that there was no dancing involved.  That would have made us have to leave the table and pause our game!  Not a chance at that until absolutely necessary due to starving kids!

And cut!


So, maybe you had to be there to experience the performance live.  But, it was very amusing how everything turned into another song.  And the variety of music- from old to new, including children’s songs- was another interesting plot twist to the day.  So, stay tuned until next time- Act 2 entitled “1st Annual Labor Day Bocce Tournament”!

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2 Comments on “Family Times- The Musical!”

  1. yfs Says:

    Guess the cheezy, old-fashioned musicals aren’t as far fetched as we once thought (as in , Yeah, right… people don’t just break out into song like that…)! Or maybe we’re just cheezier than we thought, lol! Either way, it was a great time and we should do it more often!

  2. Annabel Says:

    I miss everything! Ugh!

    I saw a concert last night, by two sisters called the Nields. They were really funny, bantering back and forth, talking about their lives, and then (you guessed it) breaking into song. I guess it wasn’t as far-fetched in that case since they were playing a CONCERT but it got me thinking, especially when they talked about their childhood, growing up in a musical family. I think my kids definitely get exposed to more music than the average kids, since I’m always listening to it, and playing it. But after seeing those sisters, I really want to take it a step further and make music WITH my kids. I want them to grow up with those memories!

    Oh, and I bought one of the Nields albums (which I haven’t listened to yet) which has their father, and I think some other family members, on it and is called “All Together Singing In The Kitchen.” I just liked the idea of it. If only I had a kitchen that could fit more than 2 people…

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