Carnival of Homeschooling

A visitor to my blog led me to a new discovery- blog carnivals.  I had never heard of these before a few weeks ago.  And, then last week I joined the carnival. 

For those of you who are like me and hadn’t heard of them, here’s the deal.  Blog carnivals exist for many different subjects and interests.  Bloggers submit a link for thier post to a host blog site.  Then, on the opening day of the carnival, a list of the blog links and a description of their post is published.  This is a great way to find some great blogs and not spend a million hours surfing aimlessly online.   Sometimes they have a particular theme and sometimes they are about homeschooling in general.  The homeschool carnival seems to be traveling to different sites every week- which is another reason to call it a carnival since it’s constantly moving around.  The next one will be here-

I have not checked out this weeks yet.  That’s next on my agenda for the evening.  (Who needs dinner?  Fasting is good for you, isn’t it?)  But here is the link-

Here is the link to information on the homeschool carnival blog for anyone interested in submitting something-

I will be trying to keep up with this and post the link on the right side of my blog under “This week’s Carnival”.  Of course, you should not be surprised if once in awhile it falls below the top of my list now that school is back in session.  But, I will be putting an honest effort into it!

Now, on to the next item of things to do- otherwise known as “Let’s see, what else can I do to procrastinate doing house work, laundry, or cooking tonight!

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