Homeschool- Week 3

Well, it always starts out on such a positive note- new classes, new books, new ideas.  It’s always interesting to see if it remains as positive.  So far, so good!

I think the key to my success has been my gradual plan.  We started out slow- one really easy subject the first week.  Last week, I added 3, but they were mainly light subjects.  This week, I have added algebra and US History.  These will take more time and be a little more in depth.  But, so far there is no objection.  He was excited that he got to start algebra.  (Is he really my child?  I hated math!!!)  It’s 3:20 and he’s not done with school.  But I think there was a lot of break time in between today.  Additionally, I was delayed picking him up from work so he lost the whole morning.  So, I think we are doing pretty well!

I got home and have him the motivation he needs to finish everything very quickly now- chores and all!  He has a chance to go over to a friend’s house after work tomorrow if he gets everything done.  Bribery is such a wonderful thing sometimes! 

So, we are still getting back in the groove, but we are getting there smoothly!

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One Comment on “Homeschool- Week 3”

  1. yfs Says:

    Bribery is giving them something before they do what you want them to do. Giving them something after they’ve done what you want them to do is positive reinforcement or a reward, so you’re actually not bribing him, but reinforcing a desired behavior (which is what you’re supposed to do). Okay… getting off my behavior analysis horse now…

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