Part 2 and the Update

Flax Part 2

My son started taking 3 flax oil pills every morning. Before he had started, he had gotten grounded until he could go 5 days without attitude and accomplishing all of his school work and chores. After the first week, he had not accomplished this. Then he started the flax oil.

2 weeks after he consistently had taken it, I asked him if he thought it was helping. He told me no. “Really?” I asked. “You have gotten all of your work done on time and without argument for 2 weeks straight!” This was definitely a first! “Well, I guess it did help”, he responded. He was then very proud of himself. For that, I am grateful- the look on his face and the sense of knowing he had accomplished something.

After that, he started the next school week. But, because of family visiting and spring break for friends, we have not had much school. He hasn’t been taking it consistently. But, next week the real world is back. And, so is the flax oil!

Does it really work? This is the only proof I have. Does it matter to me if it’s the flax oil or the thought that it works? No! As long as he thinks he can, and the flax oil is healthy anyway, I am going to continue giving it to him.

I should also include that he started taking valerian root at night to help him relax and fall asleep better. It’s sometimes hard for someone with adhd to turn their brain off and fall asleep. It would be scary for me to actually give a 13 year old sleeping pills. But, this is an herbal remedy and much safer. I could tell he slept better. He didn’t have such a hard time getting out of bed in the morning. He wasn’t such a grumpy bear!

Flash back to the present!

I have gone back and forth between letting him decide if he wants to take the flax and forcing him to take it for my own sanity!  Right now, I’m in the forcing for my own sanity path.  Not that he really objects.  But, sometimes I think he would purposely forget just because he doesn’t feel like taking it that day.  Today was one of those days.  And, I definitely knew it!

He can be much more argumentative and grumpy when he doesn’t take it.  Now, I’ve never heard of that being part of the benefits- having a good attitude.  So, the only thing I have come to figure out is that when his brain is going so fast and he can’t focus well or remember things, he gets so frustrated that he gets edgy.  That makes some sense, doesn’t it?  And, with the start of a new school year, I don’t need any added frustrations- for him or me! 

So, is flax oil a miracle cure?  Maybe not for everyone.  But, it is for us!  If it makes our home a better environment to learn i

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9 Comments on “Part 2 and the Update”

  1. rowdyrodi Says:

    Okay you have to let me know where I can find more information on this. I am at my complete and total end of rope here. We (Bubba and I) have talked and talked and have discussed some of the key things that let us both know he is about to blow and that has helped some. Being tired is a HUGE problem. He is 10 and is in bed by 8pm and up by 6am. If I let him stay up later he still wakes up at 6am. Grumpiness can turn violent and well that is NOT allowed period. His sisters don’t like to be around him and are a times worried that he is going to blow and they will be in the path.

    I would love to know more about the use of flax seed oil.

    Thanks by the way for the compliment on the picture. I was going to open the door more but I was just peeking and I didn’t want to wake him up.

  2. mrsghost Says:

    That is about the time my son started really having trouble. I think thier hormones go all crazy and they get all confused and have no idea what is going on! He also was going to be early and getting a lot of hours of sleep. But, the valerian seemed to help- like maybe he wasn’t getting a deep enough slep before or something. It may take awhile to notice a change for some. But, for us, it was pretty quick. Hope this helps. I just put some links up. And, you can buy flax oil at most vitamin places. Fish oil has omega’s too and you can probably get that at Wal-mart or anywhere.

  3. bloggingawayadhd Says:

    How many mg does he take daily? And all at once or in more than one dose?

  4. […] […]

  5. mrsghost Says:

    My son is 13 and takes 3 in the morning. (I’ll have to check the dosage, though) You can also use the flax oil- which has virtually no taste- in your food. I used to put it in his eggs or a pb and j sandwich and he never knew until I told him. That is stronger than the pills. Flax meal can be used in cooking or on things- such as cereal- and has no taste. The only thing to watch for is when things say they have flax seeds in them and how healthy the product is. Flax seeds are not digestable and will go right through you so there is really no point unless it’s ground flax seed meal. Let me know if you have any other questions or if you start trying it. I would love to get more input on this from others.

  6. yielded Says:

    I ground the flax seeds myself, and use it in a lot of things like cereals, baking, etc.

    We use it mostly in our morning smoothies.

  7. yielded Says:

    Btw, I noticed that white flour doesn’t do the kids attitude good. Sugar doesn’t help either, but I notice that when I bake the goodies myself (using maple syrup and less refined sugar) they are okay.

    For us, observing the triggers and changing our diet really matter.

  8. mrsghost Says:

    Yes- I agree. My son also has to have a good breakfast or the whole day is shot. Something with alot of protein is the best- eggs or even pb and j. Luckily he doesn’t like a lot of sweet things so I don’t have to push too hard to limit those things.

  9. becky Says:

    omega answer’s! I soooo believe that all of us, adults and our children most of all, will highly benefit from taking any source of omega, being flax or fish, either way you will achieve results.When you use flax oil the body takes the ala and converts it into DHA then the body can utilize it , liquid form is the better way to go, much more bioavailable to the body, of course also continue using the ground flax as well, put it in almost all things you bake with, meatballs, meatloaf , oatmeal, any hot cereals, muffins , sauces, smoothies be creative no one will really notice it, it is pretty easy to disguise, I have super picky family members they dont even catch it.Barleans omega swirl, it is FABULOUS tasting, it tastes just like a smoothie, there are all different flavors , you can get them in just omega3’s from flax or omega3’s from fish or an omega 3,6,9 from both as well. No kidding though my son is so picky even at the age of almost 7yrs. old I still have to give him some jars of baby food because he doesnt like the texture of some veggies and fruits, hey what ever it takes to get him to eat them I will do. In regards to the pickiness of my little darling , he does actually remind me to give him his omega fish swirl, lemonade or lemon zest flavors, are for kids, but really you can use any flavor as long as you just give them half the dosage of an adult which is 1 tsp. once a day. If the child has add though, I probally would give him or her a full tbl. spoon, 1 tsp. 2x a day, thats just my own opion, from past experience. I truly believe in the omega aspectt, it has worked tremendous results within my own life as well as my families lifes, amazing! I am my own testimony to relieving severe depression as well as a 100 lb weight loss, due to feeling better with exercise and good nutrition. My son is now an a+ student in the top of his class his teacher said she can give him a work sheet and he can complete it on his own without any help and is correct with a success rate of 95% of the time, and again it is due to the fish oil , no doubt. There is all kinds of research proving again and again, the huge benefits of these two supplements, look it up, research them a little see what you find out, mind boggling to me that america is 80% deficient in omega 3’s. WELL, I have went on long enough, sorry. By the way, you can find barleans omega swirl just about anywhere, whole foods or a local health food store, or look it up on the internet, and no I am not in any way selling or marketing for this product, I just want to help others like I have been helped. BLESSING’S AND GOOD HEALTH TO ALL. Stay informed and research that is the way to good health.

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