Getting Organized

Since I didn’t really feel like running any marathons this weekend after my migraine episodes last week, I decided to do the next best thing.  I got organized for the new school year!  While surfing around the internet for ideas, I stumbled across a few pretty cool sites to help me out.  Although it wasn’t my initial goal, after finding a few sites, I was soon on a quest to get everything organized.

Since my son is oin 8th grade, I am getting closer to being scared to death about making sure he has everything he needs for high school so that he can get into college.  The panic hasn’t officially set in, but it’s definitely on it’s way!  I use different curriculums for different subjects- even different grade levels for different subjects (all 8th or higher).  So, I am not one of the lucky ones who sends the work off and gets official transcripts, etc.  So, this year, I have to keep a record of everything.  And then I wonder what I need to prove what he knows?  My records?  His actual work?  Or will he have to take a bunch of placemnt tests – which is not good since he is not a happy tester? 

So, I found a site with the official state standards.  Then, I found a great site that had a ton of printable pages to help homeschoolers.  I used this one to help me focus on what I want to accomplish and how I am going to get it done.  Coordinating the state standards and his curriculum, I typed out my plan of action.

Then- here’s the fun part- I went to staples to buy supplies.  I got a cool binder, a bunch of cheap folders, markers, and – my prsonal favorite- a 3 hole punch!  I used the folders as dividers since it was much cheaper than buying actual binder dividers- go figure! 

So, now each subject has a place in my binder- complete with goal sheets and state standards.  Then, as each goal is achieved, I will put a copy of the “proof” of the accomplishment in my binder.  You see now why I really needed my very own 3 hole punch!

So, I now feel like I am armed and ready for another year of fun and learning!

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4 Comments on “Getting Organized”

  1. rowdyrodi Says:

    Way to go and get yourself prepared for what is down the road. It is that fear of the unknown I think that worries us so much. What will they expect? What will they accept?

    I have already told hubby that even though it is more expensive than how we have been doing it I think when the kids get in HS we will use the University of Nebraska’s Independent Study High School program. They offer a diploma and even have a graduation. Of course we don’t live in Nebraska so that might complicate things a bit *grin* Of course the oldest is only 10 so I have a few years but not too many. They go by so darn quick.

  2. Kelly at PTT Says:

    Well done! Thank you for participating in the schoolyear’s resolutions project!

  3. Isn’t the office supply store the greatest? I love my 3-hole punch 🙂 I found the neatest dividers for making a spiral notebook into different subjects the other day… but I digress LOL

    I think the folders sound like a really great idea–keeps everything together in that 3-ring binder. I’m filing that one away for future use.

  4. Mary Says:

    Wonderful resolutions! Thankfully i have a few years yet before I have to worry about getting ready for high school. 😉

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