We are starting a new curriculum this year for geography.  Actually, I have several books to source from.  While my son and I were in the car the other day, he suggested a really cool geography project for the year!  He loves history and geography- I think he knows more about where places are than I do!

A few years ago, while still in P.S, the whole class got to pick individual states and send a letter or postcard requesting info from the state.  (I’m still not sure where they sent it exactly)  So, he suggested doing this for all 50 states.  Going on, we decided to get a poster size blank map and fill it in throughout the year with the info we learn about the state we are studying and mark what info we get from each state on the map.  The, in order to make it more hands on and real to him, I suggested he write to friends or family from the state we are studying and find out some fun info from them! 

He was really excited about starting this project and I am too.  I am hoping he keeps a log about it on his blog.  My husband’s mission for the weekend is to find a poster size blank map.  Yes, you’re right.  I do leave all the hard stuff to him! 

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7 Comments on “Geography”

  1. Marguerite Says:


    Congratulations on “going public” with your blog. 🙂 And thank you for inviting me to check it out. I will tell you up front that I probably won’t visit it much, but not due to disinterest in your world. We have one computer hooked up to the internet and it’s just a matter of not enough hours in the day for 5 people to share it! But I do love talking with you, so I hope you will share many of your thoughts with me anyway. 🙂

    After reading through many of your blogs, I learned something new about you. I didn’t realize that you were experiencing critcism for choosing to homeschool! I can kind of relate, as we experienced some negative reactions when we chose to take our children out of private Christian school and put them into public school. What I learned through the process was that God has a place for each child. He has a unique plan for each life and the most important thing we can do is ask Him to show us what that plan is. Our culture provides us with so many valid profitable choices for educating our children: private school, immersion school, Christian school, home school, home school co-op, boarding school, military school, international school, public school…you get the picture. EACH option has pros and cons, bad days and good days, hurts and helps, horror stories and wild successes. We have a peace that God has put our children in the school of His choice, and that He works any evil they might encounter for their good, as they follow Him. What a peace that has brought to my heart. We’ve had some really difficult experiences in both public and private schools. But as we pray and submit (and yes, we’ve had to repent too) we see God’s plan working out. And His plan is so much better than ours.
    So, I just want to encourage you in your decision to not enter the fray of the schooling choice dispute. Let it go. No one wins in an argument based on opinions and self. Except maybe NIPSCO. (You see- I did read many of your blogs!)

    OH, and I love the photos of Jonah and Esher! Such cuties!

    Love your sister-in-law-

  2. Henry Cate Says:

    Your approach to geography sounds great. Information that has a personal connection sticks much better.

    Have fun.

  3. mrsghost Says:

    Thanks Henry! I agree! I just wish I could figure out things like this for his other subjects, too! I love it when he gets really excited about something! Let me know if you have done anything hands on for US history. I’m still searching…

  4. Heather Says:

    We are covering the 50 states this year as well. I LOVE your idea. Not sure if I have enough time to actually get that going at this point but will file it away for the years to come. I did find a site though that has an e-mail course on the 50 Great Sates. It is an site. They e-mail you 2 lessons (2 states) each week and at the end of 25 weeks you will have covered all 50 States. Here is the link if you are curious…..

    Keep us posted on how this turns out. I would love to know for future reference.

    Oh and my son did that same project in Public School and he just told me that they mailed their requests to the Chamber of Commerce in each state. Hope that helps.

  5. Heather Says:

    Ooh and check out the site They have tons of information on the states and you can always make your own map by printing out the individual blank outlined States on their site. A bit of work but MUCH cheaper I am sure.

  6. mrsghost Says:

    Thanks for the site info. I will definitely check them out! Part of the project will involve my son updating his blog with info from the states as he recieves it. So, you may want to check it out in a few weeks and see if there is anything yet. Since you’re doing the 50 states too, it might be interesting to see. His link is in the family blog section.

  7. mrsghost Says:

    I just checked out the site from ! It was great! Also, thanks to you for giving me the idea to print out blank maps of each state. I just moved everything hanging on one of the walls of our “schoolroom” and it’s now ready to be a big, huge U.S map! As we study a state, he’ll print out the map and put it on the wall- complete with info he finds!

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