1st Grade!

Here’s my niece on her way to  her first day of 1st grade!  Of course there’s the typical front tooth missing and everything!  It was so exciting for her to lose it last Saturday when we were all together!

So, I thought this picture would be a great introduction to my next blog- The joys of public school!  Yes, that’s right! 

I have been writing a lot lately about homschool and its’ advantages.  But, in that process, I don’t want to alienate the “public schoolers”.  There are those of us that choose- for millions of reasons- to teach our children at home.  For me, I am blessed that our family has been able to work out the details enabling us to homeschool and still keep a roof over our heads and food on the table.  The fact is, that’s not always possible.  And, for those who can’t homeschool, public school can be a great place for thier children to go. 

The public school system tends to teach toward a cookie cutter child.  I know of several children who fit the mold and excell in the public school system.  The other major difference, I believe, is that the family remains an active participant in both the education and nurturing of the child.  Therefore, the child is being taught at home how to grow and become a good and responsible person.  (What they sometimes don’t realize is that this would probably be an easier task without the influence of others.  But, nonetheless, it’s thier choice.)

I guess my point is that, as homeschoolers, we are constantly criticized for our decision to homeschool.  I would hate to think that I am stooping to that level. But, if I were to assume a public school child is not learning as much or is not getting the character developement simply because they are in school, that would be.  Just as there are many factors in whether a child succeeds in homeschool (parents, curriculum, outside activities, etc), just as there are many factors as to whether a child succeeds in public school(parents, curriculum, teachers, outside activities, outside influence,etc.)

So, for all the kids who are starting thier new school year- homeschool, public, or private school- Good luck on a new year! 

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2 Comments on “1st Grade!”

  1. yfs Says:

    Wow! What an adorable little girl! And everyone says she looks just like her mom. Hmmmm…. Kidding aside, there are times I wish I could homeschool, not so much with this one, as she is the “cookie cutter child” that you referred to. She loves learning and thrives on being in school! And luckily, we live in a district that offers a magnet school that is perfect for her. Plus, working for the school district (even though my classroom and students are vastly different that the gen ed) really helps because I am familiar with the curriculum, district initiatives, learning standards, etc. And, of course, I’m also one of those parents that are an “active participant” in my kids’ education (another requirement of the magnet school, but I would be anyway, as I believe it’s one of the most important things that we can do for our children). Anyway, thanks for giving all education an equal chance on your blog (not that I felt you were ever attacking public schools… just sharing/ talking about/ defending homeschooling). As I said earlier, kids are different… what they need is different… some kids thrive in public school… some kids thrive in homeschool… each parent does what they think is best for their kids.

  2. yfs Says:

    PS- I like the new theme for your blog… its very blue-ish…

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