Playing Hot and Cold

I have yet to find a couple living together that has the same temperature comfort zones.  My husband and I are constantly turning the thermostat up and down when the other isn’t looking.  It’s almost like a game we play (the only one winning is Nipsco- the utility company). 

Right now, I am wearing a huge sweatshirt and just turned the air off hoping he won’t notice.  I’m sure in about half an hour I’ll walk by and it will be on again.  Awhile back, I set it to 80 and he turned it to 78.  After about a month of that, he started turning it to 76.  So, now I usually turn it to 78.  I guess he’s getting what he wants out of that one.

Anyway, in talking to family and friends, I have found that nobody I know agrees with their spouse on the temperature in the house.  I really think it should be a question in the premarital counseling sessions.  Nobody ever thinks of the little things before they get married!

That’s my daily rant while I sit here and freeze!

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3 Comments on “Playing Hot and Cold”

  1. yfs Says:

    you can always put more on if you’re cold, but there’s only so much you can take off if you’re hot 😉

  2. mrsghost Says:

    Whose side are you on anyway?

  3. yfs Says:

    Ummm…. the side that’s NOT crazy enough to turn the temp up to 80 in the middle of summer!

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