Why I Homeschool

Recently, my family’s decision to homeschool has come into question.  It’s understandable that, with school starting everywhere soon, school is a topic on everyone’s mind.  But, several people have recently expressed thier dismay at our choice to homeschool again this year.  Ironically, these are not people who have young children, know much about homeschool, or our homeschool routine.

But, in this process of thinking about these conversations, I have had a chance to re-evaluate our homeschool decisions.  Talking to some other homeschool moms from our support group, I was reasured that this is a common thing- defending our right as parents to teach our children.  I was asked to remember why I initially decided to homeschool and whether or not I was accomplishing the goal.  Well, our reasons for taking him out of public school were many- to get him out of an unhealthy environment, to give him the self esteem he deserves being the wonderful person that he is, to give him an eduacation based on what he should be learning without interference of unwarrented discipline, nonsense rules, and harrassment from other children and teachers.  Along with these goals is one major goal- to teach my son how to live and be responsible, loving, accepting of all people, to truly enjoy learning, and to be happy.

Have we accomplished these goals?  I believe we have.  How can I tell?  The proof is in the daily moments we share.  No longer is he coming home depressed and telling me he is stupid.  He’s not telling me how awful school is- or how he doesn’t like to read.  He’s sneaking some reading time in under his covers at night when he thinks we aren’t looking.  And, when I asked him if he’d rather start school now instead of mid September as we had talked about, there was no hesitation before he exclaimed “Yes!”  So, when he got home from work this morning, he went immediately to where I had his new curriculum laid out and said, “These are awesome!”  I told him to pick what he wanted to work on first, and he chose writing- something he hated two years ago.  And, when he saw the biography on Lindbergh- 1 1/2 inches thick- he couldn’t wait to start reading it.

So, why have we decided homeschooling is right for us?  Because it’s teaching my son to be a better person- academically, emotionally, spiritually, and ethically.

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3 Comments on “Why I Homeschool”

  1. Dana Says:

    Thank you for taking the time to share this! It is nice to hear others’ successes.

  2. yfs Says:

    You go girl! Your son is an awesome person… you’ve done all you set out to do and more in homeschooling him! Further proof is in all of the people who commented to me about what a “great kid he is”/ how they “wished they could have one like him” in just the few short days that he was staying with me this summer. You are truly blessed with a wonderful son! -Not that it took any work to get there or anything 😉

  3. Renae Says:

    Isn’t it wonderful when our children enjoy learning? Protecting the curiosity of our children is one great reason to home school. They can ask questions to their heart’s content or at least until my ears start to bleed. 🙂 Keep up the good work!

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