Homeschool Tracker

I have mentioned this to several people and figure this would be the best place to get the info out there.  This is a great tool for any homeschool family.  You can use as many or as few of the options as fits your homeschool lifestyle.  Best of all, it’s a free download!

I like being able to let my son know what he has to do each day.  He is the type of person who needs a list to remind him what he needs to accomplish.  If you are less structured than that, you might use some of the other option more- such as the reading log, journal, or field trip features.  There is also a place to keep track of attendance- which is basically the only requirement in my state.  So, I like having a place to keep track of it. 

There is a place here that you can print out reports for any of the features.  When my son is grounded from the computer, I use this to print out his assignments for the day. 

I noticed there is a tracker plus that you have to pay for.  I don’t know what they could add to their free version that I would ever need.  It seems like everything is offered in that one!

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