I have just spent way too much time on a website that I just got sucked into. 


It’s about reporting nannies that are not taking good care of the children they are employed to take care of.  The stories range from a nanny who spends her time texting and talking on the phone to a nanny who actually left a 3 or 4 year old at a park in Manhattan while she went to run an errand!  How scarry is that?!

What interested me was the different viewpoints of the nannies, moms, etc.  There was a nanny who talked about never working for someone who made under $200,000 and didn’t have a full time housekeeper.  She took a job only after checking out the rock on the mom’s finger and the collection of bags the mom owned!  The cars the nannies drove- required the parents have for them to drive (BMW’s, etc)- were better than I would ever dream of driving.  That is not what I want my son to learn about from the role models in his life.

I believe children should be surrounded by good influences- people you would want your children to grow up immitating.  Right now, the people around my son fit that description.  I am blessed to have him at home instead of at school where I have no idea who he will be around.  The people he works for are good, honest, hardworking people.  That is what I want my son to grow up to be- a good, honest, hard working man.  My family and friends- his family and friends- are all good people who love and respect family and friends. 

My point is this.  I wonder about what this world is becoming.  In my job I see so many people my age and younger who have no work ethic and respect for others.  It’s people like this nanny that judge a person based on what they have instead of who they are that disturb me.  They just expect to get everything and have things handed to them without working to earn them!

OK.  That’s my rant for the day.

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  1. Annabel Says:

    Here here! That’s why I’m hiring you as Godmother!

    Hey, there weren’t any complaints about me on there, were there?

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