What’s Wrong With This Picture?

Several things caught my attention today.

First, I went to play tennis this evening and shared the tennis courts with the high school team getting ready for their season.  I left before them (I’m getting old!) and noticed every car in the lot was much newer and nicer than mine!  They are in high school!  I didn’t get my own car until I bought it.  And, when I did, I was lucky it had all 4 wheels!  Brakes were sporadic at best!  How do all these teens have such nice cars?  I refuse to buy my son a nice car when he turns 16!

When I got home from tennis, I checked the news online.  Here was one of the headlines. 

Blind driver caught again

Strange as the headline may seem, it gets stranger!  It seems a 20 year old blind man was caught driving drunk 1 week after he was caught the first time.  Sadly, there were 3 other people in the car telling him where to go.  My question is this.  Just how drunk do you have to be to decide the blind, drunk guy is the best choice out of 4?!

I almost forgot!  This morning, my husband was doing a Forest Gump imitation.  Yes, I know.  And it was only 6 in the morning!  Anyway, my puppy freaked out!  She is terrified of his Forest Gump imitation.  She stared at him and then ran away!

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One Comment on “What’s Wrong With This Picture?”

  1. Annabel Says:

    AAAHahahaha! That’s hysterical. Well, until he’s driving down the road headed straight for you! The best part is he was caught AGAIN. Jeeez.

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