New York

Last weekend was great!  I can’t believe another weekend is here again!  This one won’t be as fun!  I have so much to catch up on since I was gone for a few days!  But, it was all worth it. 

One great thing about this weekend is that everyone is home again.  My son came home from camp and so the 3 of us are enjoying some time together.  That is, after he came home from work this morning and before I go to work this afternoon!  Unfortunately, most of our quality time will be spent cleaning and doing laundry!

I had such a great time in New York that I don’t know where to start!  Everyone was doing great, as you can see in the pics from my last post.  I went to a silly party while I was there.  The kids all got to play in a pool filled with flour and then rinse off in a pool of water.  How cool is that when you are under the age of 5?  Here’s a picture of flour filled fun!


I had my first ever pedicure.  That could be addicting.  I had never been really excited about the idea- until I actually had the chance to get one this weekend.  My cousin and I have decided our husbands/boyfriends should pay for our pedicures every time we get to visit each other.  What a great relaxing ritual!  Of course, after my pedicure I had to go buy some new shoes to show off my toes!  I’ll spare adding a picture of my toes to this blog!

I loved spending time with Jonas!  He is getting so much older.  One of his favorite things to do is look at books.  So, of course, I had a chance to read to him.  And, I figured he might as well learn something.  So, I had just come across a book my cousin had gotten called “How to Be an Italian”.  It was very cheesy!  Here we are learning all about Italians.  Of course, I had to make up the words to most of the book because evidently not many things about being Italian are fit for a 3 year old.  Here we are reading the book and learning how to wear a hat mafia style.



I guess I have procrastinated cleaning long enough! 

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