What Have They Done With My Son?

My son got home late Friday night from a work camp mission trip with our church.  Before he left, we were having some serious attitude problem, arguing, etc.  I know, it’s typical teenager stuff.  But, I didn’t find it acceptable! 

Anyway, to make a long story short, I am wondering where my son went and if I really get to keep the replacement they sent me!  He hasn’t argued once!  When I ask him to do something, he says ok.  But wait, there’s more!  After he says ok, he actually goes and does it!  And it’s quite obvious that he is trying his hardest to get his chores done and have them done right when I get home.  What a joy this week has been for me!

As a cruel parent, I was overjoyed on Monday to give him a reward.  So, I let him clean the toilet!  He got the baking soda and vinegar out and off he went.  He was not as amused as I had hoped.  But, as far as toilet cleaning goes, I would rate it the most amusing!

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