Driving Survey

I heard a story today on a study done on driving. The survey had asked whether men and women drove one-handed or with both hands. Their results said most women drive with both hands and men with one hand. I listened as I was driving with one hand on the wheel. i just got off the phone with my husband who usually drives with either both hands or his knee (knee driving was probably not one of the survey options)

The reason, so they say, is that women consider the car to be separate from them and men consider the car to be a part of them. Who gets paid to think this stuff up? I wonder how much money went into this study? Whoever it was, is overpaid! For one thing, I don’t think it really matters. But, for another thing, they were 100% wrong, according to my survey of 2! And, men aren’t always the brightest bulbs in the box, but, come on! Do you mean to tell me that guys actually think they are a part of the car? Someone has seen the Transformer movie a few too many times!
So, to make my survey more accurate, I’m creating my own survey. Please respond in my comments.
1) What body part, and how many of them, do you drive with?
2) Have you ever considered a vehicle to be an additional body part?
(If yes, how many times did you see the Transformers movie?)
(If no, go to next question)
3) Do you really care how many body parts you, or others are driving with?
4) How much money do you think I should earn by creating this survey?
Thank you for your time!

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4 Comments on “Driving Survey”

  1. yfs Says:

    I agree… their survey is inaccurate because most women I know have to multi-task while they are driving. Holding cell phones, applying make-up/ styling hair, messing with the stereo, beating children, and flipping the bird (not that I ever do that one), all require at least one hand. Now, I’ll be the first to say that a third arm and/or hand would come in, well, very handy, but “The Powers that Be” have not seen fit to bless us with such an appendage at this point in the evolutionary chain, so by the very laws of nature, most women must drive with only one hand!
    So, to answer your questions:
    1) I, myself, generally drive with my left hand.
    2) I have never considered a vehicle to be an additional body part. But, I am not a man and the study says that men do. So, to address the study’s logic, I have not met a man that considers a vehicle to be an additional body part (that I know of), but I have met plenty that use a vehicle to “compensate” for lacking in other body parts πŸ˜‰
    3) I don’t really care what body parts others are driving with, as long as they are doing it safely.
    4) I think you should get as much money as the other guys should get- nothing! πŸ˜›

  2. Annabel Says:

    1) I learned all kinds of creative ways to drive back in my, er, wilder days. Elbows, knees, feet… But now that I’m not a danger to society anymore (although Robert might disagree) I alternate between 1 hand, 2 hands, and sometimes a knee, if I have to take both hands off the wheel for a moment.

    2) Uh, no.

    3) I would prefer everyone else use 2 hands…’cause they’re not superheros like me.

    4) I thought YOU were going to pay ME!

  3. yfs Says:

    a quick survey at work says:
    1 says she usually uses both, 1 says she usually drives with one hand

  4. Tracy Says:

    Well lets see??

    1.)I drive with both hands, unless I am…like tonight….trying to figure out what to do with partially eaten McDonalds hamburgers that both of my little boys were done with at that same time. Oh and both “partial” pieces had all the pickles and onions literally dripping off them onto my skirt. Hmm veering off the subject now… Oh I was also talking on the cell phone while rolling the window down to throw the perishable cheeseburgers out onto the highway. So yea…. both hands, I suppose, but at the moment I can’t actually remember if at this moment in time as described above, I actually had hands on the wheel… hmmm? I wonder??

    2.) ok…this has got me thinking… the car part of my body…hmmm. Now I might think this is funny if I felt like my body “looked” like the car…as big as a car. What a pun! Ummm… no I am thinking the most I thought about my mini van as a part of my body, is just a thing to get my 4 kids around more quickly, than my darn bike!

    3.)Well just reading that worries me, but I am no saint! I have definitely driven with my knees and elbows…hey that reminds me of that song… head, elbows, knees and toes, knees and toes la,la,la…. ok enough! I listen to too many preschool songs IN THE CAR!

    4.)ok… you should make a little something for this survey, but knowing you… you are feeling your payment by laughing at those that are actually bothering to take this survey!

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