Making Toilet Cleaning Fun?!

Here’s something I found amusing on my sister’s blog.  It’s a link to a site that talks about everything not found in the instruction manual for kids.  People must write in tips and ideas and I thnk some things are pulled from other sites.  So, here is the link, as well as the most amusing way I have every heard of to clean a toilet.  (In case you were all wondering how I was planning on cleaning my toilet next time!)

Fun toilet cleaning? Use baking soda and vinegar!

Proving once again that a Parenthacker can make anything interesting, Beth came up with some toilet-cleaning entertainment:

Not quite a super trendy hack, but something I thought was pretty fun even for adults! I was researching some more earth friendly cleaning products and I came up with this……use baking soda and vinegar to clean your toilets.I tried it and it was so much fun! Sprinkle the baking soda in and then pour in the vinegar. It’s bubbles all over instantly. Not frothing out of the bowl by any means but it was cool. I would think that the kids could get in on this (with supervision) by sprinkling in the baking soda and maybe pouring in the vinegar. You still have to use the brush to get all the hard to reach places, but it’s a great alternative to using the blue stuff!! AND it’s not toxic so it helps your household stay a little more earth friendly and safer for the kids too!The cool part of it too is if you pour a little more vinegar in it bubbles again…a couple times! I used a half bottle of vinegar, oops! I guess you’d have to portion it out for the kids.

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2 Comments on “Making Toilet Cleaning Fun?!”

  1. yfs Says:

    This is fun! I haven’t used it to clean my toilets before, but I have used it to un-clog my drains. It’s so much fun to watch chemistry at work that it is very easy to go through an entire box of baking soda and/or a bottle of vinegar!

  2. yfs Says:

    PS- didn’t realize it was all part of the same post, so I’m commenting again. I’m glad that you found parenthacks! It’s about my favorite website/blog to read (other than yours, of course). I even have a subscription, so it sends all of the new hacks straight to my email! Okay, school’s done… gotta get home to face the in-laws… wish me luck!

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