Welcome to the World!

This morning I got the phone call I had been waiting for!  My cousin called to let me know she was at the hospital and would be having her bouncing baby boy at any time.  So, here is my message to you both!

It’s amazing how much you can love and care for someone you’ve never seen- haven’t even found out your name (although I’m voting for Escher!)!  You are blessed to arrive as a member of a wonderful family- both immediate and extended!  Your parents have been anxiously awaiting your arrival and continue to impress me with through thier parenting adventure with your big brother.  So, I know you have really lucked out by having great parents to take care of you- even though you’ll wonder sometimes when you are older and are amazed that you know so much more than them!  (Just wait a few years and they will suddenly get smarter!)  Speaking of big brothers, I know he has been anxious to meet you and I think he is definitely up to the big brother role.  I can’t wait to see pictures of the two of you together.  You are already so loved by so many people- family, friends- and I can’t wait to meet you!  So, welcome to the world!  I hope you and your parents are all doing well!  See you soon!  We love you!

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