Campfire Girl

Friday nights I teach a tennis class.  Afterwards, one of the homeschool families came over for a campfire- complete with hotdogs, marshmallows, s’more’s- the whole bit.  My husband was going to be gone and when I told him my plan, he started explaining the way to make a fire…  Yeah, whatever!  I’m the one who would love to go camping- he’s the one that would love to go sit on the couch and watch movies all day!  So what if he ate bugs and monkey brains in the jungle!  That does not make him a camping expert!

So, I stopped at my in-laws for the firewood.  OK- this was not as fun as it may seem.  I had a 5 minute window to grab about 5 logs an be on my way.  Easy enough.  Wrong!  There were BUGS in the wood pile!  Not just a few bugs, but swarms of ugly, million legged, creepy, crawly bugs!  They were everywhere.  Well, not everywhere.  I didn’t see them on the ends of the wood so I gingerly grabbed the ends, threw the logs down one by one, and used a stick to flick all of the bugs off.  There was no way I wanted those creepy things in my car!  So, once I got that down to a science, I was off and running! 

I stopped at the store for a few things- cookout supplies like paper plates so I didn’t have to think about dishes.  And then I got home.  I had given orders to my 13 year old son to make the house presentable.  I hadn’t even asked for spotless.  But, nonetheless, presentable was not even the case.  So, mad rush through the house and we were off to tennis.

Fast forward now to our campfire- the true adventure of the story.  I see my son running around looking everywhere and I figure he is just doing something silly as most teenagers do.  A few minutes later, I realize that was no the case.  I arranged the logs in the fire pit in and “A” form with kindling across and some cardboard under it- a classic fire all ready to go.  But, no such luck.  Why?  We could not find a single match in our house!  Here I am with 5 hungry kids and another mom and I have no way to light our fire!  My son found 3 useless lighters, but, as hard as we tried to light the cardboard with them, it was just not happening!  So, then we decided to use the car lighter.  What a great idea!  I turned on my car, pushed it in and,then it happened.  My husband came home just in time to see that I, in fact, couldn’t start a campfire.  “Se, I told you that you would need me!”  And, with lighter in hand, our campfire was lit!

In the end, he didn’t gloat after that.  And, I was glad he was there to enjoy the evening with me.  So, it was all for the best.  And, I learned to always make sure I have matches before I build a fire- especially when there are hungry people involved!

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2 Comments on “Campfire Girl”

  1. y.f.s. Says:

    You always did have to learn things the hard way!

  2. Tracy Says:

    I told you that you can have some “stocked” matches from my Y2K days!! Yes I am totally serious that I still have matches from the year 2000! Right now I am even laughing about it…but if Y2K had really happened, boy I would have been rich selling those matches to those that hadn’t thought ahead! Laughing now!

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