I never considered myself one of those shoe people. You know who you are. The closets are filled with shoes rarely or never worn, but standing at attention ready for just the right outfit to come along! But, this week shoes played a major role in my life.

Saturday- warm and sunny, beautiful! With a little time to spare, a hectic week behind me, what’s better than a trip to the beach to rest and relax? So, I packed the snacks, the water bottles, the blanket- actually an old sheet, my son, and our lab who loves the water, and off we went. When we got out of the car, Belle knew that water was just ahead, so off we flew through the sand until she hit water. Halfway down, my shoes flew off and my feet were burning in the sand too. So, the water was quite refreshing!

It was only when we went to leave after ropeburning my hands on Bell’s leash, hearing my son complain about holding the leash for awhile, and having wet dog/ sand coat the beach sheet and me for about the hundreth time (I’m sure that I still looked quite attractive!) that I decided to go. Heading back towards the car I happen to glance down and see part of one of my shoes sticking up through the sand. It was only then that I remembered I had shoes. So, then, loaded down with bags in the hot sun, I frantically searched for my right shoe. And searched. And searched. I swished through the sand all around and nothing. How could my shoe just disappear? I don’t understand! But, now, one of my favorite pairs of shoes is no longer a pair. I have one left foot sitting in my car- just in case the right one finds it’s way home somday! I’ll be ready.

Fast forward to Friday. It’s the end of a crazy week- both at work and home- always on the run- 10 hour days at work and then home to work some more. Fridays are an early day for me. I try to be in by 5:30. So, when my alarm went off, I got up and quietly took my shower and got ready in the dark- trying not to disturb my sleeping husband. He doesn’t have to get up ’til 6- how lucky! So, I tell him goodbye and rush off to work. I park and rush in the door to clock in. Hmmm. That’s funny. My shoe is slipping. Yes, shoe- not shoes. Ok, I better look down. Ys, my assumption is correct. Black on the right, brown on the left. Yes, my new fashion statement is to wear 2 different shoes to work! And, it’s even better if one of them is too big for me! Luckily, I was close enough to home that, when I was done there an hour later, I could run home and get 2 matching shoes! What a concept!

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One Comment on “Shoes”

  1. y.f.s. Says:

    That’s my fashion-forward sister… always on the edge… the edge of fashion, the edge of sanity, the edge of reason…

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